June 15, 2022


Art. Architecture. Energy.

CPH Pro is probably the best and biggest scate pro event in the world. We were there. It seemed that you were too or at least the rest of Copenhagen. The caravan brought to you on scateboards travelled the city and left us with nothing but good memories and a sippery slope in hand.

Why CPH Pro

The city isn't made for being looked at, it's made to be used. Design, architecture, music and infrastructure shape behaviour and vice versa. Unconventional usage of the city like CPH Pro challenge just that. A city is meant for people, not buildings.

Since the event took of almost 10 years ago the best scaters of the world have flocked to Copenhagen to use the city as the perfect backdrop for all the tricks in and outside the book. It's the first time Mikropolis have been onboard and we are ever so proud to see our drinks being served as they were supposed to. As an RTD, as refreshments from a can. Besides from this, we are in awe in regards to whom was drinking nordic cosmo's, spritzers and crush. But hey, that's just us still having heroes.

Photo credits from CPH Open: @lil.onsdag and @officialskippz

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