August 26, 2022

Charlee I love you at Arne Aksel

The artist Charlee Mouna

The art, culture, music, food and lifestyle scene in Copenhagen might not have Berlin's underground ventures, trashy breakout atmosphere or London's poshness beyond all. But it's got grid, nerve and attitude still and transcends the settings normally associated with pop up art and events. Drinks are included for such measures and nothing spells afternoon art and music like cold vermouth tonic. Bringing bottles, joy and most of all, conscious caring.

Let the love shine through

CHARLEE I LOVE YOU is a love letter. It’s tapping into growth and the journey of self love. A release from old patterns and the boxes we think are unbreakable. Why aren’t we taught to love ourselves fully? To become friends with our mind and find peace in our heart? I think when we become kind to ourselves our world transforms.

Let's talk about the artist too.

CHARLEE MOUNA is a creative, who specialises in art, storytelling and visual communication. CHARLEE MOUNA has a background in advertising, where she has been working with multiple clients and shortlisted for Rambukken 2021. Combined with her artistic eye and spiritual heart, CHARLEE MOUNA is with her art bridging the gap between a rebellious mind and vulnerable soul, trying to route and undiscovered path.

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